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“With a smooth delivery, Colorado artist Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs is a perfect blend of James Taylor and Fleet Foxes”
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“There’s a remarkable depth and subtlety to Denver-based Matt Rouch's work, a consistent gift for arrangements that enable his songs to resonate.”
Music Connection Magazine

The Beautiful and Damned comes across like a seasoned soloist’s album and with his recent additions of The Noise Upstairs, Rouch and company will be able to fully flush out the already thorough compositions in the live setting."
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"On his debut album, The Beautiful and the Damned, Matt Rouch oscillates between country, folk and acoustic rock in a totally satisfying way...All this sounds a bit like an identity crisis, but it’s not. Again, it’s satisfying, in the way The Avett Brothers are satisfying, in the way James Taylor is satisfying"
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"Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs"

“Matt Rouch is cut from a more complex cloth than that of most of today’s cookie-cutter artists. His songs are very finely crafted; something which could easily be overlooked if one listened only superficially to them. And this reveals what is best about them: they are so wholesome and honest. The simplicity is beguiling, because real artistic prowess makes what is actually very difficult, seem so simple.”
Rick Jamm - Jamsphere

“There is so much more going on than what can simply be heard”

““The Beautiful and The Damned” is a contextually deep album with songs that stretch the mood of the release towards different extremes; from engaging country stomps to diluted and relaxing folkie delights.”
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“Clever and kind, Matt Rouch’s “The Beautiful and the Damned” shows how good folk can be.”
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“Matt Rouch is the real deal, with an impressive attention to detail in his songwriting, vocals and lyrics.”

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