2024 Season of Valorant: Get Ready for Some Action!

2024 Season of Valorant: Get Ready for Some Action!

About to start is the 2024 season of Valorant Esports. It will have a lot of changes, new teams, and fun new forms! As the Road to Champions begins, let’s go over what’s coming up.

2024 Season of Valorant: World Leagues and Events

From 2023 on, there will be 11 teams in each International League competing for the title of Valorant World Champion. Get ready for the start of VCT CN as the fourth league. For a chance to make it to Champions 2024, teams will compete in the Kickoff Tournament, two Stages of IL, and two foreign Masters.

2024 Season of Valorant: The Opening Tournament: A Great Start

Starting in February, the Kickoff Tournament will choose two teams from each league to go to Masters Madrid. This season gets off to a great start with the Kickoff and Masters events, which determine the world’s best teams.

When does the International League begin?

  • On February 16, VCT Americas will
  • February 17: VCT Asian
  • VCT EMEA on February 20
  • VCT CN on February 22

How to start:

  1. Stage for groups:
  • Three groups of eleven teams.
  • Two groups of four teams each, and one group of three teams.
  • In the group of three, the best team in the region goes directly to the second round.
  • The last 10 teams were put into pools depending on how well they did in 2023.
  • Single-elimination tournament with three-game best-of-three sets.
  • Teams that win go to the Playoff Stage.
  • The teams that came in second go to the Play-In stage.
  1. Stage for plays:
  • 3 teams tied for second place in a round-robin style.
  • One team makes it to the Playoff Stage.
  1. Round of 16:
  • Four teams play in a single knockout bracket.
  • Two champions are sure to go to Masters Madrid.
  • The winner of the kickoff gets a better position and 3 championship points, which count towards qualifying as a champion.

2024 Season of Valorant: Format of the Season: The Climb to Champions

After Masters Madrid, Stage 1 takes place from April to early May. It gives the top three teams in each league a chance to make it to Masters Shanghai, the next world event.

Stage 2 starts right after Masters Shanghai, and four teams from each area make it to Valorant Champions! The winner of the Season Playoffs is the IL Champion and gets the first seed in the Champions tournament for their area. Third, the top three teams in the Stage 2 Playoffs earn a spot, and fourth, Championship Points earn a spot!

In 2024, Championship Points are used to measure how well teams did, and Champions Qualification is used to recognise teams that were consistent throughout the season. This is how it breaks down:

  • Three points are given to teams that win the regional Kickoff, Masters Madrid, Masters Shanghai, Stage 1 Playoffs, and Stage 2 Playoffs.
  • A team gets one point for every match they win in Stages 1 and 2.
  • Each team in Stages 1 and 2 plays 10 regular season games.
  • The top two teams in each Stage Playoff get an extra point and a bye to the second round.

Get ready for the most exciting season yet! There will be new teams, a new system, and new Valorant updates. The SLOT GAMPANG MENANG are on, and the show is about to begin!